Sunshine and Mice

So as you are reading this, I am off to the land of sunshine and mice.  Yep, you got it.  I am going to Disney World – that mecca of happiness and over-priced tourist merchandise.  I can feel the jealously eminating from the computer already. But before you get envious of my basking in the 80 degree weather, know this. 

We are taking my mother-in-law.

I find great comfort that almost anyone can have a good time at Disney World.  Almost anyone.  I am hoping my mother-in-law isn’t one of the .oooo1% of people who hate the fabulousness of Disney World.  I don’t know, she could be.  I mean when I think of joyful, she’s kinda the opposite.  Like the antonym for joy has my mother-in-law’s picture next to it.  She ain’t the cheerful sort.

But, who cares.  I get to wear shorts and eat dessert (yes, we got the dining plan) and I don’t have to go to work.  I get to spend time with my kids, my hubby, and, yes, the mother-in-law.  But it won’t be bad.  Tower of Terror, frolicking princesses and Tigger and Pooh – who wouldn’t be excited?  It will all be good.

Unless it rains and we’re stuck in the room.

Then all bets are off (and perhaps the gloves!)

So, about mother-in-laws, is yours a dragon or a benevolent fairy Godmother?


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