Tis the Season to Avoid Walmart

Just got back from the last minute “got to go to the store even though I know it’s stupid” run.  It WAS stupid.  But I needed ice.  It’s always the thing I forget.  But gotta have it.

So we went to Walmart.

I needed a Xanax by the time I’d hit the first aisle.  It was that crazy.  My hubby said, “Grab me a bottle of Southern Comfort.  I’ll be in the car.”  So I swerved, dashed and stood oh so patiently while people debated the best kind of Rotel for their dips, talked on their cellphones, and chased belligerent, cranky children.  Tis the season for therapy!

But, seriously, I survived.  And this season shouldn’t be just a “I survived” type of season.  So for the next 24 hours, I am going to try to find the sparkle.  The excitement.  The sheer joy of celebrating with those I love.

Even if I have to sneak some of my husband’s Southern Comfort!

So, how ’bout it?  How will you find the joy in the bustle of such a busy season?


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